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One hot summer day in the evening I went swimming in the river Sumuli.

I pull-up myself from the river to the hillock at the sunset. And it was dark. I saw a lady lying down on the mat. Nearby two candles lit-up, and some goods burning aside. When I climb up the slope and reached the place.

“Come my dear’, she said, “Lie down by my side. I am lonely”

I walk nearer to her and it surprised me, “Why are you here’, I said, “My dear, why you’re here?”

I extinguish the half-burnt goods and blew off the candles. And the whole vicinity grew dark.

I am tired of this life’, she said and her eyes filled with tears. “Did not you?”

I shook my head in disagreement and drag her up to feet.

“Help! can somebody help us?” I cried out amidst of silent hills. And it was dark.

She fell on my shoulder and I held her tight.

“Can somebody help us!” I again shouted for help, looking for a rescuer.

There was two flashlight’s light from the hillside hotel scrambled. I looked at them waving my both hands. And then I heard a thumping sound of something dropping in the river. When I turn back I saw it was my lady. She was taken down by the current. I jumped into the water and held her again, “Why did you do this?”

“I am tired of this life.” She said, “Aren’t you?”

As we go by the river current, it took us to the alienated place. It was a fearful and deep-dark place. Statues of goddess Laxmi and Saraswati of Hindus were sitting by the lotus and a huge duck respectively.

All of sudden she was petrified. I gesture her to be still and she tried to wade pass by the place.

“All creature big and small commit their spirit unto the Almighty.” She heard a voice and inquired me if I had also heard it the same.

I shook my head. And all of sudden there was some talking and whispering nearby. We hid by the statue of the idol sitting on the lotus. A man arrived on the black horse. “Hey, broods of supreme, anyone of you invited me to be your tormentor?”

My dear hug me tight and bow at the feet of the statues.

“Thank you!” I said to the supreme one.

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